hey guys, im heading to the beach this weekend to go camping with my old neighbors! so, of course, i won’t be back on tumblr until sunday. see you then!

yungpatriot’s space jam mix cd is too good but goddamn this song has been stuck in my head for a good day now

cis ally tip: stop assuming gender. gender is a vast spectrum and i know it’s difficult to undo something so engrained into your brain, but not assuming someones gender identity when you see them is really helpful for trans folk.

freshman are awful omg ive heard the word r*tarded at least 5 times now and this poor kid is brooding in the corner staring wistfully out the window with the hood of his hoodie on

so proud…. *sniffles*


This ear belongs to the delightful Cara who drove 6 hours to get these piercings! The Ares with a tiny 3 bead accent, and a matching crown set dark blue opal all in 14k white gold. We matched the lobe piercing on the other ear as well, and even installed a pretty Lakshmi ring for her healed helix piercing above that. She came a long way, and wasn’t going to pass up a chance to get all the jewelry she had be dreaming about! I love seeing well coordinated jewelry ensembles come together like this. (Thanks to dansteinbacher for snapping this photo for me!)


"why don’t u like your birthname it’s so pretty!!"


the tight t shirt, no bra, pierced nipple aesthetic is a true blessing upon this earth

crisis avoided, parents were chill as usual, but on a more irritating note i put in my retainers for the first time in months and i can literally feel my lower jaw rearranging itself